Stuart Richardson


Solo Piano Favorites

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Silver: Glimmer

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Richardson has made other musicians' work improve for decades
by just plain being a better musician than them.
During my trial and errors with Broken Baroque (I asked for Stuart's help ~
as a musician he brought his full talent and heartache to the recordings
with his own strings, horns, percussion, technology...
Then Stu tied it together with production and loyalty/"finish the job!" talents.
Of which I'm not willing to give away the secrets to just yet.

Stuart Richardson

Partial list: Click on a cover to sample the book.
If the content is a little much for some of you, it's Mr. Richardon's fault.
If you find his work compelling, he still gets the credit.

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The Aelf Club: Unity
The Marriage of
Religion and Science
(New book: cover artwork unavailable)