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2005.07.23 This is Rachel! I invaded my brother site again! Haha to my brother! Even though I had to call him to remind me how to connect to the site. But now I won't forget anymore! I got my first job to create a web site. My boyfriend, Griffin, manages a band and they want a web site. So he asked me and I'm excited about it. It would be my first job without my brother. I think he realized that I'm going to call or text him on yahoo alot during the job. Oh and by the way... the site is still ALL MINE!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

2005.07.06 Well, I escaped Houston before it got much later in the summer. I do like the simple new blake1.com flash blackpulp put together for me. Then I made up for Houston by taking a nice IT job in uptown San Francisco. Can I get up at 6am-ish morning after morning?

2005.05.24 Plenty of news...crappy week last week but ne'r mind - new equipment, new client and as usual being smart by going to Houst-dum in the summer. Real smart. Sweaty too.

2005.04.28 Wait 'til you see the even more hilarious comedy page (hilarious that such a minor change would even warrant such a....). Plus, way new rock star test recordings covertly recorded by our staff paparazzi.

2005.04.18 New and improved music page, with tracks listed by album. Fun and old. Plus a new health tip.

2005.03.28 Rae interns at the SPCA, so go ahead and look at The Cutest Thing Ever.

2005.03.11 Happy 18th Birhday to Vanessa. Wow.

2005.03.01 Happy 18th Birthday to my lil sis, Rachel. All growed up.
I'll send your phone charger and the CD you left soon. Check your mail -

2005.02.10 Year of The Rooster: Nappy You Here and Yappy Hugh Near

2005.02.04 Bored artists, a new cow appears, plus the latest from our health professionals.

2005.02.01 Last week's nerdfest-slash-cuatro in calif pics here, and I'm sure at blackpulp's site real soon as well.
Super guud times.

2005.01.15 Here is Rachel's web gallery of the trip she and my other little sister, Laurel, took to San Francisco.
Come back Laurel and Rachel!

2005.01.11 Hi, it's Rachel again. I just wanted everyone to know that there is a new link on the comedy site. It's called the Dysfunctional Hallmark cards.

2005.01.10 Hi, I'm Rachel, blakegraphic's little sister. This is what it's like to live with blakegraphic for a week. I'm here with my older sister, Laurel. We can just kid around all the time and we know that no matter what we say, we're all kidding around. I was saying that he was having too many beers and he was saying that he was going to pour the rest of his beer in the toilet. I replied saying 'pouring it down the toilet of your mouth.' I knew that was never going to happen. So... he made a idiot of himself in front of me... again. Oh and by the way.... I took over my brother's website. It's all mine!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

2005.01.01 Pappy Flew Near!

2004.12.06 Look at something simple: blake1.com

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