Health Tips

2005.02.03 Notice that "conservatives" have
turned into political, constitutional and moral "liberals". <shudder>
Now we do what? We ignore them and show life to be better on our own.

2005.01.22 People you love coming to visit you way up in beautiful NorCal.
That's the way we do that.

2004.12.01 Hahn's Korean BBQ. First thing on the menu: "Meat Mountain".
I felt great about that too.

2004.11.10 "Protein Style" In-N-Out burger: No bun. I'm getting that again,
and I think Atkins was probably a quack. Picture soon; here's something for now.

2004.08.28 Fresh lambchops and vegetables from the curry place.

2004.07.24 Free great weather when you go to Northern California in July.

2004.06.21 Free sauna when you go to Houston in July.

2004.06.07 Eat large salads and take the steak and potatoes to eat at home later.

2004.03.26 Dim Sum.

2004.03.04 If you're a software pirate, you might get scurvy. So, bring fruits and vegetables.

2004.01.08 The trouble with Italian food is that 5 or 6 days later you're hungry again.

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