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New Team "Band" at NetIQ
August 20, 2014

Greg on the left (guitars and keyboards), Chris standing on the right (bass), and David sitting (lead guitar).
Our drummer is our boss, Eric (not pictured)

Band Camp
July 22, 2014

Circa 1992

Familia de Job from the Bible
August 16, 2013



Pit Stop in Slow Motion
August 12, 2013



Emerson Fittipaldi
July 26, 2013

Fittipaldi drove the John Player Special while I was a kid in his country.
I think even NASA thought it was a spaceship.
Another Brazilian hero who remains so.

Wish You Were Here
July 17, 2013


It gets warm in Houston during the summer.

New Music Page
July 3, 2013

One cent charge applies.

Another Eisenhower Quote
June 17, 2013

He also warned us about the industrial-education complex.

June 15, 2013

Pele', the Brazilian soccer great, taken with a Polaroid by Andy Warhol
about the time I was living in Sao Paulo.

He was never chased by cops
except for an autograph and a handshake.

Nikola Tesla at Work
June 6, 2013

Modern Cafe Racer
May 25, 2013

BMW R 90 S


George Addair

Jose Gonzalez, Again
April 30, 2013



Voyager I Leaves the Influence of the Sun
March 20, 2013

Launched 35 years ago, nothing humans have made has been so far.
Voyager has left the solar system, but is not yet in interstellar space.

A Teacher Explains Why Today's Schools Don't Always Work

March 2, 2013


Fun Fake 1945 VW Bugatti Veyron

February 22, 2013

Based on both the supercar and the VW Bug.
It doesn't yet exist.

Solar System Vortex
December 27, 2012